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Like Any Video Converter Free, MacX YouTube Downloader is a cut down not- downloading being a bit of a problem for a downloading app.

How do I get it back? FAQ How do I resize dialogs such as multipanel dialogs?

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FAQ Is there a comparison table for hot keys from Mac keyboard? FAQ How to add accelerators in Origin? FAQ How to solve dialog display problems? FAQ What accelerator or shortcut keys are supported? FAQ How do I turn off the collapsible menus and show full menus?

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FAQ What is a dialog theme? FAQ How to manage all options available in dialogs? FAQ What does the Recalculate drop-down in various dialogs do? FAQ Can I change the color of operation lock? FAQ How do I reset my graph or worksheet template to default settings?

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FAQ Why does my graph look different on other computers? FAQ How to Troubleshoot printing problems? FAQ I cannot save the project because there is an invisible open dialog or minimized dialog. How to solve the problem?

Deleting the Cache if a MacBook Crashes Randomly : Apple Products & Mac Tips

FAQ How do I permanently change the value of a system variable? FAQ The icons in Origin are really small.

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What can I do? Last updated: April, Problems launching Word for Mac Version April 20, Users may see issues with fonts when using version We recommend you check the installed versions of the font.

Word for Mac Crashes when Printing - Customer Support Forum

If you have multiple versions, then make sure the latest version of the font is active. Talk to support. If you have an Office for home subscription, or you purchased a one-time download of Office , click the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. Ask the community Get help from experts in our forums: Office for Mac community for Mac users. Provide feedback in Office app You can send feedback directly to our Office teams:.

For Mac users, in Office for Mac , click the smiley icon in the upper-right corner.