He honed his happy-go-lucky rhyme style into sharp-edged free-association, holding his own with close collaborators like Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul. Miller is both wildly prolific and almost absurdly eclectic — in alone, he released music with everyone from Ariana Grande to Project Pat to Camp Lo to Flying Lotus to Lil B, which should be some sort of record.

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With each new album, every unexpected collaboration and one staunchly anti-commercial move after another, Miller has carved out a unique space for himself within hip-hop as the teen star turned tastemaker. To celebrate the eternal primacy of Mac Miller, his performance this year at Lollapalooza and his recently announced new album "The Divine Feminine" it's due out Sept. Mac Miller, "Diablo". Mac Miller. Mac Miller and Chief Keef probably have a lot to talk about.

Like Miller, Chief Keef was swept into rap stardom as a teen, only to reject fame in favor of pursuing his own idiosyncratic muse. Vince Staples. Staples damn near delivered the verse of his life on this 9th Wonder-produced "Faces" cut. This seven-minute cut from "GO: He takes a frank look at his life, resolving to "man up" and admit his problems. Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller, "Guild".

Ab-Soul ft. Mac Miller - The End Is Near (New Music May 2013)

With "S. Mac began producing his own music and seeking out more daring collaborators; he also moved from weed to harder drugs, and rapped lucidly about the effects they had on his brain and body.

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Around this time, Mac became a beloved fixture in L. He opened his home and studio to countless major and underground artists and made himself a sounding board for their ideas; he became particularly close with artists like Earl Sweatshirt, whom he collaborated with frequently, and Vince Staples, for whom he produced an entire album, Stolen Youth. The result was an album that sounded worlds apart from Blue Slide Park , something with tics and neuroses too difficult to untangle on the quad. As he was progressing as an artist, he was also developing a sophisticated perspective on race and rap.

That his early success was due in large part to his race was not lost on him; Mac spoke, frequently and incisively , about that very dynamic. He also used his platforms to challenge those white fans of his who were unwilling to examine their own racism. Mac never became an exceptionally innovative technician; there are points on Watching Movies when he lapses into flows that recall his amateur stages back in Pittsburgh.

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His gift was not being ahead of the curve — rather, Mac grew into a compelling artist because he was able to reflect interesting musical trends in real time. This is not to suggest he was a biter or that he was derivative. Mac grew into a collagist, able to rearrange familiar component parts into something that sounded, in its finished form, as if it were deeply personal.

At the end of , Mac announced that he had signed a label deal with Warner Bros. The following year, he released a serviceable major-label debut, GO: OD AM. But it was his album, The Divine Feminine , that marked another creative repositioning. Paak and Chance the Rapper. It also centered a live-instrumentation feel that would mark much of his later work, and showed considerable growth in terms of song structure and vocal control.

But there are also comments from years past that have resurfaced, buoyed by dozens of new likes.

Comments like this: Monday, go to school with some fresh nikes, all we talked about in class was the party, did it all again on weekends. Man those were the days.

Mac Miller's 'Faces' Tracklist:

Now we are all grown up with jobs and shit. The adults want you to work, study, figure out what you want to do with your life, but with a little nerve you can stay out all night and make time stand still.

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The easiest thing to clutch, per his own writing, was often drugs, which he cast as a salve for depression and loneliness, but also for boredom. With the exception of The Divine Feminine , his music wrestled — sometimes angstily, at other points with a sort of Zen remove — with that vacuum at the center of adult life, and with the realization that no amount of money, adoration, or professional success is guaranteed to fill it.

He spoke publicly about his struggles with addiction. What makes his premature death particularly tragic is that Mac Miller became so adept at communicating this fear and ambivalence through his songs. While Feminine seemed for a second like it might be a major work that defined Mac for the years to follow, it really is best read as a precursor to Swimming.

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  • Where his previous best records, Watching Movies and Faces , sprawled and sputtered and experimented, Swimming is tightly wound and carefully crafted. It feels warm and lived-in and, at points, incredibly sad. There are moments where it casts Mac, a digital-native rapper, as a lounge singer.