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It's hard to put my finger on why I find it so useful, but I think it's because it's just as easy and intuitive as pen and paper -- just with more features, multiple lists and regular reminders. It's clearly great. I tried all of the other online tools and found myself using them once, forgetting about them and then going back to my whiteboard and pad of paper. I take about one to two hours to plan my monthly goals then break down those goals into weekly objectives, then daily tasks and to-do's to meet those goals. It works pretty well, as we grew over percent this year.

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Google Goals - Goal Setting With Google Calendar

Login Sign up. Reset Your Password. This application will set your good habbits and goals and never let you forget about your goals. This app work on your goals with your friends and compare the global way of reaching your goals to better direct your efforts. It will work without internet connection.

Have this app now and start your focus towards goals. Success Coach — Goal Tracker iPhone. This app will definitely fruitful for life productivity and goal achievement system. It has feature for smart goal setting and will ensure your focus on your most important goal. It has morning routines which gets you focused, ready and prepared for productive day. You can share your goal and many more features also. It has complete life management and goal achievement system and will assess your life reality and will identify the area in which you want to enrich.

You can sync your data. Habit List: Build a better you iPhone. This app is great and it will keep you motivated and allows you to facus on your goal which you want to do. It will keep you to stay on the path which will take you to your goals and also has feature of reminders and badges you keep to attentive for your aims. It will also show you your improvement percentage. It will allow you to select from three of its schedule that is Specific Days, Non-specific Days, or Intervals. It will track your progress. Have this app now and begun to focus toward your goals.

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The Ultimate App Guide for Goal Planning

Please like, share and comment us your review about above apps. Thank you. But, a graphical representation is necessary, if you want to see your progress over time.

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If that feature was included, I would have recommended this app to everyone. But the lack of this specific feature makes this app a little niche, and hard to recommend to everyone.

The Best Tracking Apps To Meet Your New Year Goals

Android , iOS , free with in-app purchases 2. While most of the apps focus more on the personal goal side of things, Strides strikes a clear balance between the personal and the professional goals. When you are adding a goal, the app asks you if the goal is a Habit, Number or Project. The Habit option simply lets you choose a habit you want to build.

6 Best Goal Setting Apps You Can Use () | Beebom

The Numbers option is pretty self-explanatory. It basically allows you to set numerical goals such as savings, debt reductions, hours of reading etc. The project option is where you can create your professional goals. You can create projects and also set multiple milestones inside a project. Each milestone can be assigned its own specific time period.

Once you complete the milestone, the progress is reflected in the app.

1. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

The app sends you notifications whenever a task is due, ensuring that you never forget complete your task. I also like the status bar feature. The bar fills up and shows you the progress just at a glance. The bars are also colour coded. Green bars means you are on track while the red one means that you are behind your time schedule. All in all, the app keeps up with you whether you want to track a personal or a professional goal. However, many features are locked behind the premium version which is a bit costly.

You can use the free version to try the app out and purchase the full version when you are satisfied with its performance. For them, HabitHub can work out well. Simply put, the app lets you add goals, tracks your overtime progress and shows it in a very easy to understand streak graphs. You can add actions inside the goals and assign the time when you want to do them. The app then tracks all the data and shows you in a graphical form. I also like the reward system in the app. You can customise the rewards as per your liking to keep yourself motivated every day. So, you know that if you want to watch the newest GoT episode as soon as it is released, you will have to complete the task.

Although nothing is stopping you from watching the episode, this type of reward system brings accountability. The app is free to use with a premium version to unlock extra feature. The free version restricts you to only 5 goals or habits. The premium version removes these restrictions and adds some extra features such as online syncing and theme support. The app is currently available only for Android, with the iOS version set to release in the near future.

The app guides you with small audio and written lectures which are both motivating and informative at the same time. Staying true to its description, the app takes you on a journey of self-change by instilling healthy habits. The app uses the concept of instant gratification for the benefits of its users. The app has a sleek dark themed interface which is easy to navigate and move around.

You can use gestures to control most of actions inside the app. You can add your habits or goals and then track your daily progress. The app allows you to add reminders for tasks so that you never forget to do them. The app already comes with a few preset tasks such as Health, Fitness, Hobbies etc. You can choose from them or you can create your own goals.